Utena Textless Icontest - version 6: Kashira!

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Utena Textless Icontest
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Hello, and welcome to utena_hush This is a wordless icontest, and no words at all are allowed, be they in English, Japanese, or any other language. Things that could be words (for example, tiny text or single letters) are also not allowed.
So what is allowed? Each icon must have at least one image from the Shoujo Kakumei Utena movie, manga, anime series, art books, or musical within it, and conform to LJ icon guidelines (less than or equal to 100 x 100 pixels, less than 40k) but beyond that (and the no-words restriction) anything goes! Animation is allowed, icons smaller than 100 x 100 are allowed, transparency is allowed. Symbols like plus signs, asterisks, and brackets are allowed.

Sound right up your alley? Then by all means, please join! Just follow the rules below.

General Rules

1.) All icons must be submitted by 9 PM PST on Fridays. Voting will then commence and that will last til Sunday at about 8 or so PM.
2.) The icon(s) you submit must be made specifically for the contest, or should not have been shown to the public before.
3.) Vote honestly. Do not vote for your own icon unless you truly don't think there are any other worthy ones.
4.) Your icon should not be posted anywhere until voting has ended. Do NOT cheat and ask your friends to vote specifically for your icon.
5.) Wait until voting is over to ask who made a specific icon. Then if you wish to use it ask permission from said person. Please do not use any of the icons here without asking.
6.) Icons must fit Livejournal specifics (100 x 100, 40 kb or less, etc)
7.) Three icons per member per week unless otherwise noted.
8.) Icons from the Anime, Manga, and Movie are acceptable.
9.) Tiny text is not allowed. We had a poll and a discussion, and came to this conclusion.
10.) Have fun!

Submission Guidelines

Every week there will be a challenge posted. After you think about what to do and do it, then submit your icon as a comment to the submission post in this format:

Icon: <*img src=*"*url goes here*"*> (remove the asterisks)
Icon URL: (make sure the URL is valid)
Any notes about the specific icon:

If the URL is down and I can't get to it, the icon will be not be entered in the contest.

In order to submit icons, you may post a comment to the submission post. You do NOT need to get permission to post in order to participate! Do not request posting access unless you wish to be a banner maker! Thank you!


You don't need to have made an icon to vote. All you need to do to vote is join. Each Friday-Sunday, look for the Voting post. After viewing all entries, vote for your favorites in a comment to the entry.
Make sure you're logged into LJ, the replies will be screened.

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If you wish to be an affiliate, please comment here.

If you wish to contact me, you may do so by commenting in jiatra, or via email: jiatra@livejournal.com.

The image(s) used in the current header are from ohtori.nu's amazing gallery. Many images used in icon submissions are from that gallery as well. If you haven't checked this site out, I highly recommend it.

This community is modded by jiatra, makani and zekkass, with some help (they're not technically 'mods', but they're invaluable to the community) from caitirin (who wrote up the list of past challenges and made the dividers for the userinfo!) and rampala_quistis, who made a set of banners by which people may link to us.

Really, though, every member of the community, whether he/she enters, votes, comments on discussions, or any combination of the above, is invaluable. Thanks to all who participate for making this community what it is.